Caleb Evans - UAT class of 2012

Hometown: Madbury, New Hampshire

Brief Bio: I’ve been a drummer almost my entire life, heavily influenced by music and theory. Jazz, Fusion and Progressive music are my favorite genres, Movies and art were other great passions of mine. I came to UAT to pursue a Game Art and Animation Degree initially. It wasn’t until I took DVA101 with my professor Paul DeNigris I knew I had to switch majors. Movies had always been an extreme interest of mine and finally getting my hands on a camera and making quality videos solidified my love for the art.

Movie: Shawshank Redemption
TV Show: South Park
Game: Chrono Trigger

IMDB Profile:

Director's Statement: “Red Sand” was a dream for me, thinking back on my school career I never thought I’d get to make a movie based on a franchise as incredible as Mass Effect. When the time came to decide what to make a film on we had played around with several ideas, but as soon as I said Mass Effect, the entire class was behind the idea. That momentum and excitement snowballed into an extremely dedicated group that made an incredible film. Deciding what the story would be for me was a huge challenge. I wanted to be true to the universe yet have some freedom to make it my vision. The discovery of the ruins was perfect. There was minimal detail around that time, but just enough detail to base a story around it and fill it with the details I came up with.

Directing a film is stressful and exciting all at the same time. I feel the pressure from my peers and school, not only that I feel the weight of the entire Mass Effect community on my back. Because if I mess up one phrase or misuse one part of the universe in anyway it will be picked out and criticized. That’s why I tried my hardest through hours upon hours of work to create a new section of the Mass Effect universe that has not been fully explored, while giving the audience an exciting movie that they will want to see. | 2625 W. baseline rd, tempe az, 85283 | © UAT 2012, all right reserved
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